Look before you Photograph – Photographer Limerick

Get the most from your Phone Photography Many websites explain how to take a photo on your phone with "top 10" and "Get the best out of" posts but not too many tell you when you should be photographing. The Wendigo [...]

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Dolores O Riordan Singalong Limerick

Wendigo shot a video at Arthur's Quay Park Limerick, yesterday, at the Dolores O Riordan Singalong. Hundreds of people showed up to the event to give one of Limericks most famous musicians a proper send-off. Families and people of all ages belted out some of the Cranberries greatest songs which you can see in [...]

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Macro Shots – Small Photography

Marco Photography Tiny or macro Photography is always a difficult thing to do correctly. We at Wendigo have the ability to take sharp images at a 1 to 1 ratio. If your business uses small components we can photograph or video these; our cameras record down to actual size. It is specialised photography which includes [...]

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Stop Motion Paper Art Brainstorm

The Art of Stop Motion We at Wendigo love to brainstorm so we decided to create a real one. This image was created by stitching together two hundred and fifty five individual images. Each picture is placed down and then photographed in sequence and then flicking through them you get a Stop Motion animation. This style [...]

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Trout and Salmon Photography for Magazines

Magazine Photography This photography session was shot in county Limerick, Ireland for a major UK angling magazine; "Trout and Salmon". It was a tough photo shoot and involved a lot of lying on wet ground or being waist high in water! We used most of our best photographic equipment to achieve the ultimate results. We're [...]

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St Francis Boxing Video – Video/Editing

Shooting and Editing Dark Footage Boxing is a tough sport. Once you step into that ring there is no place to hide. This St Francis boxing video portrays the solitude of a boxer in mind and body when preparing for the fight ahead. We shot this with the help of Ken Moore and Myles Casey. Myles [...]

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Muid Éire Nua – Award Winning Documentary

Local and Social Documentary Muid Éire Nua is a social documentary inspired by the music of Steven Sharpe. His songs frame the narrative of the documentary. The film asks, what does it means to be gay in Ireland today? How do gay people fit into 'traditional' Irish culture, and what does the future hold for [...]

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LSAD Halloween Mystery Tour Video & Photography

To find out more about Wendigo videography click HERE. [cycloneslider id="lad-halloween-limerick"]   [wpbgallery id=575]     Equipment Nikon D750, Panasonic GH2, Lightbox Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop   Our Wendigo Twitter account Join us on Facebook View our Videos on Youtube  

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