London Olympic Infographics

Infographics The Olympics was the biggest sporting event of 2012. It was the perfect topic for a set of infographics based around the data which informed the decision making of the UK Olympic committee. The graphs below are based on the total funding and expenditure for the games. It is important for companies to be [...]

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Graphic Design – PostersApp/ Design

Graphic Design Wendigo Media is capable of creating any form of print or screen media for your business. Graphic Design is an essential part of our work. For your business it is important to display the best visual media possible in order to attract customers and grow your business. Wendigo has highly qualified and experienced [...]

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Stop Motion Paper Art Brainstorm

The Art of Stop Motion We at Wendigo love to brainstorm so we decided to create a real one. This image was created by stitching together two hundred and fifty five individual images. Each picture is placed down and then photographed in sequence and then flicking through them you get a Stop Motion animation. This style [...]

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Trout and Salmon Photography for Magazines

Magazine Photography This photography session was shot in county Limerick, Ireland for a major UK angling magazine; "Trout and Salmon". It was a tough photo shoot and involved a lot of lying on wet ground or being waist high in water! We used most of our best photographic equipment to achieve the ultimate results. We're [...]

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Communion Photography – Limerick

Communion Photography Wendigo Media can be hired as day photographers for family events such as weddings, communion and birthdays. We use specialised cameras and lenses which supply the highest quality images for any event. Below is an example of what you receive when working with us. Our communion Photography includes, high resolution images, a dedicated [...]

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Father Ted meets Donald Trump and goes Viral

Father Trump geos Viral We also do fun stuff!  Interested in the US elections we decided to poke a bit of fun at Donald and Hillary using the ever entertaining Father Ted. The first video went viral and got over 850,000 views on Facebook with a reach of over 3,000,000, so we apologise if you [...]

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Wendigo Showreel 2017 The Fun Parts

Wendigo Showreel   The Wendigo Showreel highlights reel shows off some of the work we took part in last year. Including a television documentary about sport, Music Videos, many Photography events, Weddings and more. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality video each and every time. We work closely with our clients delivering top [...]

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