Drone Flight

Wendigo media specialises in capturing the best in aerial photography and video. We create stunning aerial video up to 4K resolution, as well as high quality still images. We specialise in capturing unique and intimate perspectives of residential and commercial real estate, special events, sporting events, advertising, weddings, architecture and documentary.


The advent of affordable drone technology has allowed everyone to take to take their projects to new heights. 

We have the perfect drone solution for your individual projects. Drones open up possibilities for businesses in area unrelated to video production. We offer residential and commercial photography for evaluating and inspecting sites. Our Commercial Real Estate Photography will increase your property’s visual appeal for your marketing package. For sports clubs and teams we can offer a unique perspective on you teams movements formations in real time.

Irish Mountains Drone

Endless Possibilities 

Elevate your project with our high spec drones and our unique vision.

Drone of Adventure Waterpark


Using our advanced drones, we provide high definition aerial photography for shots you previously only dreamed of. Whether you want single images or panoramic photos covering a large area, our drones are not limited by terrain. Our high resolution aerial photography services provide you with the best aerial shots possible.

Drone Image Slan

Fully Licensed

Wendigo Media is fully trained and licensed to operate drones in Irish airspace.

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Commercial Photography

Make a great first impression. Professionally photographed homes generate more online interest and sell for more money. Combine our aerial photography with our real estate photography to distinguish your listing from the rest. All of our photo packages include professional editing to enhance your properties appeal.

Industrial Inspections

Timely, cost-effective inspections are critical as part of your overall risk-mitigation plan. Wendigo offers aerial inspections that are both detailed and cost-efficient. Drone inspections provide the ability to inspect more often and be more thorough with each inspection.

Above Building Drone Shot
Closeup of Building - Drone