Wendigo can cater for all your print needs. We offer professional design which can then be utilized by your business for all manner of promotion and communication. Getting a creative agency like Wendigo to produce top quality graphic design work will place your business at a clear advantage over competitors. To understand how good design can help a business grow all you need do is think of the lengths to which large corporations go to protect their print and screen branding.


Branding is essential. It is what customers remember when they think about your company.

This “identity” should be both powerful and protected. Wendigo can create branding plans which can be implemented throughout the entirety of your business, from the logo over the door to the name on the pencil. With us your brand will grow strong and fast across all sectors of your market.

Illustrated Monsters Graphic Design


The name and style of branding you choose should be implemented wide throughout your business. This will create a strong set of imagery that will stick in your customers mind. 

Infographic Design 2 Graphic Design

Displays and Signage

Whether you are a new business or already fully established there is always the question of what medium to use to get the name out there. When it comes to large scale display or signage look no further. With us you will never receive a fuzzy or pixelated banner again.

Infographic Design Graphic Design

Wendigo helped us deliver a video involving a prominent client, they traveled set up, shot a video and added some motion graphics. They had a quick turnaround with great results.

Conor Galvan | Director, Golf Voyager

Marketing Assets

Wendigo is in a position to create a range of assets for virtually any marketing campaign. This includes print, screen, web, video and even those little giveaways! There are infinite possibilities when dealing with creative marketing strategies and we are here to help, guide and deliver the best possible outcomes no matter what the job is.

Set of Logos 2 Graphic Design
Set of Logos Graphic Design