Get the most from your Phone Photography

12 o'clock hill
Snow photo in Limerick

Many websites explain how to take a photo on your phone with “top 10” and “Get the best out of” posts but not too many tell you when you should be photographing. The Wendigo team went walking in the snow last weekend in Limerick to try and get some photos and video for B-roll. You can see some of the photos we took throughout this piece. Have a look now before you read on.

As we were walking it began to heavily hail and snow down upon us. It was an amazing thing to watch and listen to. Where we were it was extremely quite and one could hear individual snowflakes landing on the cameras and surrounding forest. On our journey up the hill we came across large areas of open land in which all the trees had been felled. Immediately it was photographed / Videoed and we moved on. Only now as I am looking at the pictures that were taken do I realize, to make that picture happen hundreds of trees, hundreds of animals and birds and possibly millions of insects were all cast out of there homes.

I am not preaching about deforestation, just about the fact that in the moment the shutter clicked it was just another B-roll photograph with no meaning. When you take out your phone to take pictures ask yourself the question, does this photo have meaning or am I just taking it for no reason? If the answer to that question is, no reason, then put it away, examine your surroundings with your eyes instead of the screen and when you see an image you deem worthy of capturing in time forever, then take back out your phone and snap it. Trust me you’ll get more likes that way.

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